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Finally! Access to time-saving, actionable information, cost-effective resources, and curated opportunities for independent professionals in the GovCon space.

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Here at Twenty39 we understand Independent Professionals in the Government Contracting space.

And we want to make sure you have everything you need to get started or accelerate your business in GovCon. Including vetted support resources, curated contract opportunities, and a community of fellow GovCon professionals to partner and learn with as you grow in your business.

Whether you are direct to government, or partner with a small or large business in GovCon as a consultant, this community will help you to understand the strategies, pathways and options that are economical and compliant, helping you to become the obvious choice.

We’ll also help you with where to look and how to approach companies, as well as how the network you create within the community can help you grow your business.

A lot goes into being an independent professional these days, with all the compliance requirements and managing your business. We understand that and we want to make it easier for you to access the support you need.

Join The Twenty39 Consultant Community Today!


The Twenty39 Consultant Community

Starting with a network of professionals within a LinkedIn group, come and join our inaugural network of independent professionals to access information, resources, and opportunities you need to grow as an independent in GovCon.

Come grow your network and access the resources and opportunities you need to bolster your independent government contracting journey.

Just Imagine...

Connecting with other professionals in the GovCon space so that you can expand your network and learn from one another.

Gain access to GovCon opportunities with Twenty39 and their network of trusted partners, saving you time and wasted effort in figuring out how to find the opportunities yourself.

Being one of the first to access the new platform as it becomes available and help Twenty39 mould it into the best resource it can be for independent professionals in GovCon as well as the agencies looking to work with them.

Understand and learn about the existing barriers to entry within the GovCon space and how you can overcome them to ensure your business is set up in the best way possible.

Gaining access to cost effective products and services to support your business back office, compliance, growth, and operations with our partners.

Be a part of a movement to energize GovCon with an infusion of flexible, experienced and highly skilled resources to support just in time and workforce optimization needs.

Featured Opportunities

Meet Your Community Leader, Tasha

Tasha Jones, Founder of Twenty39, has a multi-faceted background serving in roles of escalating responsibility, authority and complexity over the last 22 years within the Government Contracting (GovCon) space. Her experiences in the U.S. Navy, being a military spouse, supporting various U.S. government agencies and large government contractor companies, serving as a Federal civilian employee, and calling as mother and wife influenced her entrepreneurial path; and bolstered her passion of using data to create solutions that help businesses and independent professionals fulfill their purpose.

Tasha knows that only through deliberate collaboration with talented people in the right environment can true innovation be achieved.

Evoking this philosophy, she has turned around troubled initiatives at FBI and in large and small businesses resulting in personal requests for her services from Executive leadership in government and industry. She has managed 40+ data & technology development, integration and modernization projects; and has grown service and technology portfolios in excess of $40M.

Tasha’s inspiration to create Twenty39 comes from her passion of solving problems, being creative and helping people and businesses grow in their purpose. Revenue generated through Twenty39 serves as the foundation for a legacy of generational inspiration, prosperity and social impact. We give back by supporting opportunity creation initiatives with community organizations, education institutions, independent professionals, and investing in start-ups.

“Having Twenty39 in your corner, especially as you are starting, is adding a turbo engine to your rowboat. You will go further, faster. I had no idea where to start or who to contact or which website to go to when I was starting my own business. Twenty39 gave me a list of foundational components that I needed to start on the right footing. With their extensive experience in the federal space they understand what it takes to start and grow a business. What’s more impressive is that they do all this with a smile! I highly encourage anyone who is looking to start or grow as an independent professional in GovCon to contact them right away. You will not regret it. My only regret is that I wish I could have had access to Twenty39 24/7!”

Johanna Shin, Founder of For People LLC

“I had the privilege of working with Twenty39 when one of my clients needed guidance on entering a new market. They are brilliant and wonderful collaborators. Twenty39 provides talented professionals who provide unparallel services and are able to translate complex technical topics in a way that clearly informs, adds value, and does not belittle the clients intelligence.”

Joy Faunce, President of Faunce Associates